Searching for the Parents of Jeffrey Crowley

Sue Crowley, who is the chair of our Jeffrey Crowley Descendants Committee, has compiled this list of possible parents of Jeffrey Crowley who was born ca. 1700 in England and immigrated to Virginia sometime before 1730. His descendants in the United States are many.

Seven different sets of parents have been suggested for Jeffrey. Sue is trying to get some documentation for these suggestions so she can prove who the parents are. She would welcome information and comments. The possibilities are as follows.

  1. Source Paul Crowley, Atoka, OK: Sir Ambrose Crowley, son of Ambrose Crowley and his wife Theodocia Gascogne. (Note: Ed and I disproved this theory when we did research in England in 1992. HHL)
  2. Source Judge Ariel Crowley, of Idaho: Agnes Crowley and Jeffry Hopkins, LDS Call #822633, type film batch 7365203, sheet 05.
  3. Source Jack Grantham, Dallas, TX: Samuel Crowley, son of Ambrose Crowley and his second wife Sarah Morris. Jack says that Sarah was the daughter of Samuel Morris who was not only RICH, but was of noble blood! Source #2: World Family Tree, Vol. 8, #820.
  4. Source World Family Tree, Volume 4, #2365: Benjamin Crowley, son of Ambrose Crowley and his second wife Sarah Morris.
    Benjamin married Anne Hall-Daffel, and Jeffry born 24 March 1708-09 in Worchestershire. Source #2: World Family Tree Volume 52, #455.
  5. Source World Family Tree Volume 5, #3274: John Crowley, born Hertz Co. England, married about 1731 in Ireland to Martha?
  6. Source World Connect Project: John Crowley married to Mary Sherrock.
  7. Source Alta Daniel, Bowie, TX (from GenForum): Thomas Crowley married to Agnes? 1702, Warwickshire, England.

By Marian Crowley Chamberlain, Crowley Clan Newsletter, March 2009