Some Wills and Other Things excerpt (1536-1799)

Some Wills and Other Things

Please note – all spellings as in original document.

From the Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810 edited by Sir Arthur Vicars (1897)

1747 Crowley, Charles, Mitchelstown County Cork, Gent
1780 Crowley, Cornelius
1800 Crowley, Daniel, Ballyglass, County Cork, farmer
1762 Crowley, Humphrey, Cork, Merchant
1796 Crowley, Humphrey, City of Cork
1657 Crowley, John, Carrigilyne, County cork
1767 Crowley, Margt(Margaret), north suburb of Cork, widow
1796 Crowley, Patrick, Bandon road, suburbs of Cork, Merchant
1705 Croly, Cromack, Dublin, Merchant
1809 Croly, John, south Crig(?) County Cork
1623 Croly, Patrick, Dublin, shoemaker

From the Index of the Cork and Ross Wills 1548-1800

1751 Crowley, Daniel, Timoleague, Cork
1749 Crowley, Demetrius, Cork and Cadiz (Spain)
1785 Crowley, Mary Cork
1685 Crowly, Cornelius
1765 Crowly, Denis, Blackpool, County Cork
1641 Crowly, Donogh, Killnacross
1748 Crowly, Florence, Doughlass, County Cork
1756 Crowly, John, Skibbareen, County Cork
1740 Crowly, Margaret, Robertstown, County Cork
1786 Crowly, Thomas(Rev), Coolnagurrane, Abbystroury, County Cork
1796 Crowly, Timothy. P.P. Skibbereen
1773 Crowly, William, Gurteen
1683 O’Crouly, Teige, Behagallane
1789 O’Crowly, Timothy, P.P. Killmocomoy

From the Index of the Cloyne Wills 1621-1800

1728 Crowly, Cornelius, Rallicraheen
1747 Crowly, Denis, Castlelyons
1793 Crowly, John, Castlemartyr

From the Index of the Waterford and Lismore Wills 1645-1800

1785 Crowly, Thomas, Curreenegine

From the Index of the Ardfert and Aghadoe Wills 1690-1800

1785 Crowley, James, Westwood, Cahir, County Kerry

From the Index to the Grant Book and to the Original Wills in the Diocese of Dublin to 1800

1799 Crowley, Cornelius and Mary Pope – Marriage Licence Bond

From The Pedigrees and Papers of James Terry, Athlone Herald at the Court of James II in France (1938)
Extracts from the Registers of Angers in France (all translated to the best of my ability!)

Croly, David. (Death). Of the Irish Nation, aged 50 years or thereabouts, died yesterday at the home of the honourable lady Michelle Gilbert, hostess of the city. Present Master Edmond Lorcan, pre (I think this means pretre = priest), Denys Macarty and Danile Macarty, relations and friends, of the Irish Nation. 1693 10th Sept.
Croly (Crouly), (Marriage) David, Doctor, son of the late Daniel Croly and Marguerite Blanche (White?), his wife; of the parish of Killbritain (spelt d’Hill britaine), Diocese of Ross (spelt Voste or Roste) in Ireland; married to Dame Catherine Tobin, widow of Jacques Scilton, a colonel in the Army of England, of the parish of Killacour, Diocese of Keuilminy*, also in Ireland. Both at present of this parish. 1692 20th Oct.

*There is no Diocese in Ireland called Keuilminy (Kilminey?) The best I have come up with is parish of Kilkerranmore, part of the RC parish for this being in Kilmeen. The above would have been written down by a French priest who probably understood no English and was probably having great difficulty understanding a broad Irish accent or indeed Irish. If anyone can throw any further light on a possible Parish or Diocese, I would be very grateful!

Mary Casteleyn, Crowley Clan Newsletter, March 2008

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